Friday, May 07, 2010

It must be Christmas 'cause the goose is cooked.

That would be George Rekers' goose, of course. He is surely stuffed, roasted, and on the table for serving. Ever since the professional anti-gay activist was caught returning from a European vacation with a 20-year-old sex worker things have gone from bad to worse for Rekers. His changing stories, however, have not helped the matter.

The Miami New Times, which broke the story, has been threatened by Rekers with legal action. Actually he threatened them for slander when he meant libel, slander is only spoken, lible is written, but Rekers didn't know that. But the latest revelations would seem to pull the rug out from under that threat.

The young man, who the paper refers to as Lucien, received a phone call from Rekers. Unbeknownst to Rekers the reporters were sitting in the room with Lucien interviewing him. As bad as that was for Rekers what made it worse was the entire conversation was held on a speakerphone so the reporters could hear every word that Rekers uttered.

The call came after Lucien had admitted that he was hired to give Rekers nude massages on a daily basis, which included stroking his genitals and anal region. Lucien also has been candid saying that Rekers contacted him via a website set up for male prostitutes. Rekers never challenged Lucien about either of those claims during the phone call. Yet Rekers has claimed he didn't know the young man was a prostitute, in spite of going to to hire him. And he has claimed that they never had sexual contact. Perhaps he thinks having his penis stroked is not sexual—hey, didn't Bill Clinton try that one?

Now I honestly feel sorry for Lucien, not Rekers. Lucien is a 20-year-old young man separated from his family in Puerto Rico. His family didn't know he was gay and his friends didn't know he was a sex worker. He had no idea who Rekers was and has been thrust into the middle of a media frenzy merely because of Rekers hypocrisy and continual lying.

In the phone call Lucien told Rekers he was offended when he learned how active Rekers had been in attacking gay people. Rekers told him: "I just stay in the background" and said about gays: "I've never picked a fight with them." Apparently Rekers thinks that telling courts that gay people shouldn't even be allowed in the same room with children is not picking a fight. As we outlined yesterday, Rekers has testified in court that he believes that no child should be allowed to live with anyone who is gay, including living in the same house as a gay sibling.

Rekers wanted to know if the media had been calling Lucien on his cell phone or house phone. Lucien told him "Both!" The reporters say that Lucien was clearly upset throughout the coversation.

At one point Lucien said: "We did the whole massage thing, and I don't know what to think about it." Instead of telling Lucien that no such thing happened Rekers said: "Yeah, just say 'no' and just say 'I've already [mumbled] to the press and that's it. 'Cuz if you keep answering, it'll keep the story alive." Lucien replied: "This isn't something I can just be silenced about." Rekers keep asking him to be silent and blamed the whole kerfuffle on gay activists with an agenda. Apparently he sees no connection between his conundrum and his trawling websites for male prostitutes.

Lucien told Rekers that perhaps the media was correct and that Rekers actually had harmed gay people and suggested that he (Lucien) might speak to the press. Rekers pleaded: "Well, don't do that. It just causes more harm." To whom, does it cause more harm? Rekers?

Lucien then asked Rekers: "What was going through your mind when you went on that website?" This referring to the website, a site which no doubt is experiencing record hits due to the publicity. Rekers didn't deny it. He just said: "Well, I'd be happy to sit down and to talk to you more about that. We have to deal with the situation that we have and make sure it doesn't get worse." Ooops, too late, talking on the speakerphone already made it worse.

Lucien again said: "Sometimes I feel like I should just tell [the media] what happened on the trip." That panicked Rekers who pleaded: "No, Please don't do that. Please don't let them pressure you into it."

Lucien then told Rekers that gay friends are pushing him to tell the truth and he was worried that any defense of Rekers would harm him within his own community. "But I'm getting pressured out of the gay community! If I ever wanted to be with someone—it wouldn't work out! This is my fucking name!"

Rekers then assured him to not worry saying: "I've been through things like this in the past..." Lucien cried out: "Well, I haven't. I'm 20 years old! If you've been through this, you shouldn't have gone to that website, you shouldn't have hired me—why did you make so many choices?"

Merry Christmas. I don't need a present this year, I already got mine.

Update: The Florida Attorney General's office has released a statement regarding their hiring Rekers at taxpayer's expense to witness in court as to why all gay people are threats to children and must be kept away from them. They claimed that "after an exhaustive search for potential expert witnesses who were willing to testify" about the dangers of gay people to children, that Rekers was their best option. No doubt that is true. They might find it equally difficult to attract expert testimony on the nature of unicorns.

As for the $87,000 that Rekers got from taxpayers for his "testimony," well, it turns out to be a much higher amount. Records now show that Rekers got two payments for his anti-gay testimony. The first was for $60,900 and the second was for $59,793. The total was just over $120,000. Why so much? I would think most fundamentalist Baptist ministers would slander gay people for free. And people think Lucien is the prostitute!

Further Update: I have been told that the young man who is either a "luggage lifter" or a male sex worker, will appear on Anderson Cooper's show AC360 this evening on CNN. If this takes place and the young man's actual name is used on the show I will take his voluntary appearance as an indication that he has given up the right to privacy.

Yet Further Update: The CNN interview was pathetic. First, nothing CNN reported hasn't been on the Internet already. During the interview "Lucien" did not use his actual name so I will continue the policy of not identifying him by the name. CNN asked if Lucien and Rekers had sex. Lucien said "no" but mentioned the massages. Given how so many people define sex narrowly this gives a false impression. According to Lucien in other interviews he was asked to massage Rekers's penis. Give the Puritanism of the media they refused to ask for details about the massage. After all, Clinton claimed that having oral sex with Monica meant he didn't have sex.

Proper follow up questions would have been asked whether Lucien had been asked to touch Rekers' genitals and whether Rekers became aroused or had an orgasm. But they would never ask that sort of question.

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