Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A message from Matt's mom.

Hi, this is Jeanne Bandy, Matt's mom. This is a fabulous report you've posted! I'm a complete amateur at blogging, just learning how to do this, but on behalf of Matt and our whole family, I want to thank all of you who have expressed support for us and outrage about what happened. Matt, as you may know, is restricted from using the computer for anything but school or work by the terms of the probation he got stuck with. I hope all of you will visit our website, www.justice4matt.com, and write to the legislators and other people listed on our "How You Can Help page." If you want to write to me or Matt, the best way to do that is the Contact Us form at our site, because we're trying to avoid spam as much as we can. And keep on blogging about us please, I'm told it really helps to put pressure on lawmakers and law enforcers to make change in the system, and it educates people who don't know how easily the same thing could happen to them. Finally, my apology for having to send out somewhat of a "form message" to bloggers - we're swamped (thank God) in supportive response and I'm just trying to keep up. I'm having to borrow a friend's computer and his Internet access because we cut ours off some time ago - but we're going to go online again soon, with MAXIMUM security. I'll try to respond more personally soon. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Classically Liberal tries to investigate most stories we blog about more deeply than the average blog. Hence the numerous stories on similar nature here on different aspects of this case and this issue. Yes, our opinions are strong but we try to make sure the facts back us up and we are particularly concerned when the massive power of government is used to attack people. I am glad that numerous blogs have picked up our report and is spreading it around. I urge other bloggers to do the same. And Jeanne, if this helps, you should know that this story is generating more interest than any other we have ever run. I monitor traffic on the blog constantly and our traffic increased three to six fold over the last few days (depending on the day) and half the entries to the site are coming in to particularly read Matt's story. Good luck.