Thursday, March 15, 2007

One year ago: what we were writing

One year ago this blog started. Most of you weren’t reading it then. So here is an idea of what you missed one year ago (but can still access through our archives). Don’t worry I won’t mention all the pieces just a few I think are of particular interest.

Conservatives, gay cowboys and Hayek
: Why conservatives hated Brokeback Mountain and what Ludwig von Mises might say about controlversial films.

Fighting the Last War: Discusss the odd way that Europe handles the threat of radical Islam -- by subsidizing it.

No such thing as price controls! was a reminder that you don’t control prices or regulate “markets” you control people and regulate people.

The strength of women: This post looked at the role of women in dissenting against the authoritarianism of radical Islam. and gives one reason that so many socialists refuse to stand up to a movement that oppresses womena and kills gays.

What is liberalism? Here is what we consider a good answer.

Review: While Europe Slept
- our review of Bruch Bawers book on radical Islam.

Radiation, Welfare and Chernobyl: The disaster at Chernobyl turned out to be far less deadly than was predicted. But years of welfare and aid have taken their toll on the region.

They Really Are After the Kids: Some of the underhanded, dirty tactics used by the US military to send kids off to die in Iraq.

The unstated racism of French students: Spoiled, wealthy French students want state laws which will promise them cushy jobs while unemploying the poor.

People should not fear their government: Our review of the film V for Vendetta and why it was attacked by the Left and the Right.