Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Power of One

Happy Birthday to us. We just recently passed our first full year of blogging. We actually passed it five days ago and didn't notice. But in one year we've put up 570 post and some of them, even if I saw so myself, were good. We don't just comment on a story -- anyone can do that. We dig into it (not always but usually). We look and look for as much information as we can find, process it and then blog about it. Sometimes that means we are a tad bit slower than other blogs but we are a hell of a lot more thorough. No doubt many readers would prefer we were less thorough -- or at least less wordy.

One year ago we stated our agenda. We've always been upfront about what we think. We wrote:

This blog looks at news and events from what is known as a "classic liberal" perspective. It means we are not progressives, socialists, fascists, conservatives, ad nauseum. We are liberals. We are advocates of free markets, property rights, social tolerance, minimal government and individualism.

We have common ground with the Left and with the Right but we are neither. Where the Left promotes social tolerance and freedom we support them. Where the Right supports economic freedom we support them. Were either opposes freedom we oppose them.
I don't think we've wavered from that position. But why should we? We are confident in it. Go back and read some of the older material. You'll be surprised how much of it is still pertinent today. As part of celebration we will blog once a month concerning what we wrote about the same month one year ago.