Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just because I believe the man a fraud.

I personally believe that Uri Geller is a fraud and a con man. Others, most particularly Mr. Geller, disagree. It has been shown that any competent magician can repeat the parlor tricks used by Geller. Geller insists that when they do it that it is mere trickery but when he does it supernatural powers are involved. Sure, I believe that.

Some years ago Geller appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Carson had been a stage magician at one point and realized how easily such things can be manipulated to make it appear as if someone has powers they simply don't, and can't, have. So the Carson people contacted debunker James Randi. Randi came in and provided the items that Geller was supposed to work with. And Carson was told that none of the items are to be allowed near Geller, or his friends, prior to the show, to prevent tampering.

Now, if a magician is unable to set up the equipment for his trick, then it can be difficult for him to perform. Alas, psychic powers shouldn't be so easily thwarted. When Geller comes on you will see he is immediately nervous when he sees the items already on the table. And tricks, or demonstrations as he would call them, that he could do at the drop of the hat, any other time or place, suddenly elude him. Spoons, which he normally bends sat unused. He said it was because his powers were weak. A magician couldn't bend them either, if he didn't have time to prepare them. Watch for yourself and see the pathetic excuse Geller comes up for the reason he can not demonstrate his powers. Of course, maybe those psychic vibrations just weren't vibrating and it was all a huge coincidence. Total time to watch is about 3 minutes.

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