Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Prostitute degrades self by banging moralistic Senator

You no doubt remember how the Theopublicans tried to push through a Constitutional amendment to nationalize marriage by forbidding states to allow gay marriage. This was all about the “sanctity of marriage”. Allowing gays to marry was defiling and destructive. That’s what they said, these defenders of marriage.

One US Senator waxed eloquently about his strong, Christian committment to his God and his family and explained why his country should have the same passion for morality that he does. “Marriage is a core institution of societies throughout the world and is a bedrock institution for our own society because it has provided permanence and stability, for our very social structures.” And clearly gay people don’t need permanence or stability according to the dear Senator.

This “original co-author of the federal marriage amendment” drove the point home with a photo of him smiling at his wife and child while resting his hand on the head of another child.

In another piece he penned, or had penned for him (that way he can blame a ghostwriter in the future for anything he wishes to disavow), he lambasted the “liberal press” and “activist judges” on marriage. He wrote: “When marriage means anything or everything, it means nothing. It’s trivialized as an institution. When it’s all about adult individual rights, the interests of children and society suffer.” Yep, damn those individual rights the collective comes first.

Marriage is a “sacred union between a man and a woman” and apparently the man’s prostitute. The Senator in question was Theopublican moralist David Vitter of Louisiana. He has made a career out of verbal gay bashing and his purported defense of marriage. And apparently at some point while he was defending traditional marriage he was banging hookers on the side.

We have added a video of Vitter standing in congress defending the sanctity of marriage here.

Vitter has now confessed that he used the services of prostitutes. His phone number turned up in the records of the “DC Madam”. The feds are going after Deborah Palfrey for running an escort service and one of the clients of that service was the good Christian conservative Senator from Louisiana.

Vitter says: “This was a very serious sin my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible.” Actually most sins are in the past but that’s a minor point. Vitter says he talked to God and to his wife and asked for forgiveness. And then he closes off any questions by saying that “Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there -- with God and them.” Get it. Don’t ask questions about his hypocrisy because if you do you will be disrespecting his family, maybe even God.

Vitter first came into politics as the successor of Republican Congressman Bob Livingston who was forced to resign during a scandal involving his fidelity to his wife. Well, at least we know Vitter has respect for tradition.

This isn’t the first time that Vitter was linked with prostitution. The Washington Post reports: “During his Senate campaign, Vitter was accused by a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee of carrying on a lengthy affair with a prostitute in New Orleans's French Quarter.”

Appparently Vitter is willing to go to the wall to defend the sancitity of every marriage, from the marauding bands of same-sex couples, except his own. And we should remember that one of the most unfaithful men to occupy the White House, Bill Clinton, was the president who had the audacity to sign the Defense of Marriage Act.

But we now know that Clinton screwed gays over intentionally in order to win support from Christians at the polls. Hey, expendable is expendable. Why anyone thinks these politics are guided by any moral principles is beyond me. Vitter was visiting hookers while preaching the sanctity of marriage and Clinton was betraying gay people while claiming he supported them.

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