Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Warming concert suffers due to cold weather.

All in all the Live Earth concerts, to raise a panic about global warming, were pretty much dismal failures. Attendance at all the concerts was well below the numbers predicted. And television audiences were dismal as well. Three times as many people, in the UK, had tuned in for a concert in memory of Princess Diana than watched the warming hype.

In my old stomping grounds, Johannesburg, South Africa, the Live Earth concert had announced they expected 10,000 to attend the concert, at what is now the Coca-Cola Dome. The dome has been through several name changes in recent years. But, instead of 10,000, they say they had 6,000 in attendance. And climate change was to blame. Literally, or so they say. It snowed.

The irony of it all. Sure July is the dead of winter in South Africa but winter in Johannesburg isn't all that cold. I lived there long enough to know and I never saw snow in Jo'burg once in the years I was there. I understand this was the first snow in 25 years. If I were a theist I would suspect a divine practical joke. Either way it is amusing.