Monday, August 13, 2007

How the anti-Immigration Right is helping impose a Police State.

Throughout history politicians have used every “crisis” they could find or manufacture to further the power of the State. If enough Americans could be herded into a collective whining about a perceived problem the State rushed in, fleeced their wallets, stripped away their liberties, and assumed massive new powers. And the herd would breathe a sigh of relief and say; “Thank you, master, now the nasty wolf won’t get us, baaa, baaa.”

Shortly later some politician would take something innocuous, perhaps a rock or a bush, and fling some wolf skin over it. He would run around furiously pointing at it and shouting, “Wolf! Wolf!” And the poor little sheeple would panic and rush to him begging for new protections. And he would smile, fleece their pockets once again, strip away more of their freedom and become even more tyrannical himself.

Then he’d tell the sheeple how dangerous things were and how, without his protection, they would be dinner to the terrible wolves that roamed the woods. But being the master of so many sheep is hard work and one gets so very hungry. Wouldn’t a little mutton now and then allow him to protect the herd so much more effectively. “And we all know the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.”

The sheeple didn’t bat an eye but instead started debating among themselves as to which one of them would be tastiest. Soon they noticed the master building fences around the lovely green pasture where they roamed. The nooks and crannies that they used to explore so freely were walled off. “It’s for your protection,” announced the master. “We must keep the wolves out, you know.” The sheeple nodded in acquiescence. A few went to the master and thanked him ever so profusely. He patted them on the head and thought to himself how tender they felt.

In the distance they could see pens being built. They didn’t worry. Master told them it was to hold the wild animals that threatened them. And the sheeple felt much better. A building next to pens was erected and someone hung the sign up saying “butchery”. A few sheeple felt nervous. “It is just so that we can eradicate the threat to you more effectively,” said the master.

A few sheep looked about nervously. A couple started to complain. The master suddenly pointed into the distance and shouted, “Wolf!, Wolf” The sheeple all ran for cover and chastised the few who complained for putting the herd at risk.

Master had some nice new wool sweaters he wore. And he brought in dogs to help “protect” the sheep. The dogs, he assured them, were there to guard them from the wolves. And the sheeple slept much better feeling well protected right up until master started herding some of them into the pens he built. The sheeple panicked and ran to escape. But the fences he erected to protect them wouldn’t let them out. And the dogs who were there to stop the wolf started barking and nipping at the sheep forcing them to run into the pens themselves. And the pen doors shut.

The sheep still in the enclosed and secure pasture said to each other: “Well, it had to be done you know. Master needs to eat and someone has to pay for all the protection we need.” They felt so much better. “It’s only temporary,” one of them said. “And it’s not like master took all of us.” The sheeple nodded in agreement. And went back to grazing and getting fat.

It’s not just a fairy tale. And a fence that keeps wolves out is just as effective at keeping sheep in. Never has there been a wide spread panic about some perceived threat that hasn’t been used to plunder the American people of their rights and their wealth. So why anyone thought the new found panic about “immigration” would be different I don’t know.

Politicians, especially Republicans like the vile Tom Tancredo, are screaming about the “alien” menace and “protecting our culture” from people who want to find work and raise their families as best they can -- and other such threatening, alien “un-American” things. Every politician who has mouthed the slogan “secure our borders” has played a role in creating the panic necessary to build up the Leviathan State.

Even some of these new, disgusting, “culturally conservative, libertarians” have joined the panic brigade. Some of the more mentally-challenged (or just dishonest) among them even pretend they are actually anarchists but that the State has to act as private property owners would and “secure the borders”. Anyway, we all know sheep of the same color prefer to flock together so keeping out those “alien” sheep is just “freedom of association.” The new breed of anti-immigration “libertarians” are complicate in the drive to strip Americans of freedom.

Everyone knows what sort of man sits in the White House and what his Imperial ambitions are. Every “libertarian” knows the nature of the State. Most know enough history to know that panics are always used to further State power at the expense of individual liberty. So exactly what excuse do they have for joining the anti-immigration campaign? Did they really think that things would be different this time? Did they believe King George has learned his lesson?

And a press release from Wolf’s Lair, I mean the White House, has discussed some of the measures that this administration will take to eradicate the threat of dishwashers, gardeners and fruit pickers. Within the next year Bush will massively expand the power and scope of the State and the anti-immigration “libertarians” deserve a lot of the credit.

An additional 1,700 border brown shirts will be added. Remember they have the power to search vehicles inside the US as well, without probable cause or a search warrant. When they demand “Papers please” you are required to obey or you could be arrested as an “immigrant” which apparently is one step away from “terrorists”. If you were of those you go to secret base, get tortured and have no rights. So remember, if a federal agent starts snooping speak Spanish!

The White House says they will increase “funding” so that more detention centers are built. Increased funding requires increased taxes so any fake libertarian who says we must “secure the border” is deluding you if they also claim they never voted for new taxes.

We also learn, “The Department of Homeland Security will continue to explore effective and cost-efficient means of establishing biometric exit requirements at land border crossings.” Got that! If you want to leave the US they plan to gather your biometric data and track you! What? Did you think this was just for the wolves? I mean the “aliens”.

“Starting January 31, 2008, DHS will phase in a requirement for passports or other secure documents for sea and land ports of entry.” That National ID issue will be sold on stopping aliens but it will be imposed on citizens. So, when you are put into the system of internal travel passes called National ID, make sure you thank those nice “conservative libertarians” who promised you they would “secure the borders”.

“The Administration is training hundreds of state and local law enforcement officers to address illegal immigration in their communities.” Any one think this won’t eventually lead to more federal control over the local police forces?

And then we have something called alien removal teams who work for Immigration and Customs. “There were 15 seven-member Fugitive Operation Teams in 2005. As of this week there are 68; there will be 75 by the end of September.” Sure, we could secure the borders without expanding state power.

And don’t forget the anti-immigration Nazis (sorry, I get confused, I mean libertarians) know we can’t forget private business. The State must control private businesses in order to prevent wolves from getting jobs.

First, the government will be sending “No-Match” letters to businesses if an employee’s social security number doesn’t match. I remember when real libertarians wouldn’t even take a social security number. Now they want it used to track everyone in the country. We have to secure the borders, you know. After the letter arrives the employer is required to act as an unpaid agent of the Immigration department and must “take specified steps within 90 days”. Which steps are not specified here and what will happen to the employer is not mentioned.

Employers must establish that employees have state permission to work and don’t fall into categories of human beings who are forbidden to work. That’s a real libertarian concept isn’t it! King George complains that there are 29 “categories of documents” which can currently “be used to establish identity and work eligibility.” The new regulations “will reduce the number of documents that employers must accept to confirm the identity and work eligibility of their employees.” Notice the MUST. Notice that by weeding out more and more legal documents Mr. Bush and crew continue to move toward National ID. Another measure we can thank these “new libertarians” for. Without their help this would have been much harder.

The Department of Homeland Security will also have the power to raise fines they impose on private businesses for not acting as unpaid Immigration officials. Involuntary servitude is mandatory or your property will be stolen. Right now, Bush complains, the “fines are so modest”. Keep up the border hysteria and maybe we can get asset forfeiture passed on this as well.

Wolf’s Lair brags that they have increased the number of Americans arrested as criminals for failing to act as Immigration agents. In 1999 they arrested just 24 but in 2006 they arrested 2006, and this year they arrested 742 so far. These are Americans who are being arrested, people! “And it’s not like master took all of us,” said the relieved sheep who felt so much safer.

There will be expanded use of E-Verify, an electronic database that keeps track of who is, or isn’t allowed to have jobs. Of course once in place and with all private companies properly acclimated to asking the state permission to hire people, it will also be much easier to keep track of dissidents, tax protesters, and others. Imagine an electronic system that has to be checked before any American is allowed to freely trade their labor with another American. All this bought, sealed, and wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree courtesy of the anti-immigration, secure-the-border, “libertarians” and their allies.

E-Verify will be expanded to include “new sources of data”. A national data base on Americans. Hey, isn’t that a wolf, over there!

And the Feds will “seek voluntary (for now) state partners willing to share their Department of Motor Vehicles photos and records with E-Verify.” And that’s just the beginning: “Such agreements will also lay the groundwork for further expansion of the electronic employment eligibility verification system.” Of course this would happen. It was obvious this would happen. And any “libertarian” or “conservative” who pretended otherwise, and supported the “secure the border” initiatives was either: 1) incredibly stupid, or 2) lying about their libertarianism, or 3) both.

And for the few who are allowed state permission to enter the US to work, there will be new tests that “will inculcate the base values we share as Americans, and encourage civic knowledge and patriotism among prospective citizens.” In other words, if we let them in, we have to teach them how to be good sheeple and what to believe and how to obey the State.

And the Department of Education will even get involved to create courses to teach immigrants English. Anyone check the quality of English in American schools lately? I would think they’d first get it right here.

Let me be clear. If someone is a libertarian, a real libertarian, everyone of these measures is an egregious attack on freedom to him. Notice how many of these attacks are directed against Americans. The “secure the border” libertarians are NOT libertarians. They are pushing the biggest con job ever put forward by the State to expand its power. They are willing accomplices to tyranny. The Libertarian Party needs to purge it’s membership. It is bad enough that we have Republicans pretending to be libertarians. It is unacceptable that we have “Libertarians” who are just pretending to be “libertarians” as well.

Real libertarians should not fund these groups or their institutes or their candidates. They should not work with them or co-operate in any way with them. These fools might have thought they could limit the State to just attacking those “foreigners” that they dislike. But I don’t see how they could be that stupid. Either way the campaign they are fueling and feeding is one that is stripping you or your liberty. “Secure-the-border” libertarians are not your friends. They are not your allies and, considering the inevitable results of their fear-mongering, they are NOT libertarians. They may be conservatives, they may be paleo-conservatives. Some may be good on some issues like the war. But they are undermining freedom.

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