Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Pay Back for the Journo crowd

Anyone who has witnessed, or experienced, the feeding frenzy of modern journalists will know that they can be vicious. They are absolutely convinced that people have the "right to know" anything about anyone for any reason. They never stop to consider the harm they inflict on people in the process. And though I was a journalism major in university myself I have to argue that journalists have become a pretty unethical bunch. And I believe they do a great deal of damage to people who don't deserve it. So I have to enjoy this. Here is an amateur video of a undercover reporter sitting in on a conference and getting exposed for being their under false pretense. No one threatens her but they do gather round and video here peppering her with questions the way journalists typically do to their prey. She didn't turn and say: "Okay boys, what do you want to ask?" She walked rapidly and directly to her car. She acted just the way the prey of journalistic ambush tactics often act. Now maybe she'll understand.