Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Receive notices of all new essays on this blog.

We have established a Yahoo group which is a notification service only. If you sign up you will receive, at most, one email per day informing you of latest essays posted on this blog. This is not a public forum. No one else can post to the list. You won't receive spam and we don't give the list out to anyone. Sign up takes a few seconds. Remember this is a Yahoo group so I suggest you opt out of their newsletters when you join up so they don't send you spam. If you forget to do that they will send you the stuff, not us.

You will receive a short description of the new items on the blog, along with a direct link to each one. Under that there may be news we think may interest you. But that is the extent of what you will receive. There is no cost and it could save you time. You are free to ignore links that don't interest you.

To receive emails notifying you of updates to this blog sign up here.