Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember these words? He doesn't.

It's hard to forget the blank look on Bush's face when he was told about the attacks on 9/11. He sat there and he sat there, dumbfounded. And from what I can see he went through two terms of office in a similar state.

When he finally got up the ability to move he went into hiding. For hours and hours it seemed like we were playing a game of "Where in the world is President Bush?" He headed for a bunker until he was assured it was safe to come out. Of course, once it was safe he rushed out to give barely coherent speeches and try to bath himself in the heroism of others -- politicians love to be photographed with real heroes in the belief that such photos make them look heroic.

In one of his numerous photo ops Bush stood with the men and women who were the real heroes of 9/11. He told them: "I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear yo, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon."

What did the people, responsible for the attack, hear? Not much. Bush pulled his famous bait and switch. He waved the bloody flag of 9/11 and marched into Iraq to arrest Saddam Hussein. As odious a character as Hussein was he was not involved in the 9/11 attacks. Who was? Osama bin Laden, that's who. And he's still on the loose.

The man who was behind the attack is still free while a vile criminal who had nothing to do with the attack was executed. America is mired down in a no-win war in a hell hole that can't be made democratic without major changes in the values and culture of the country (which can't happen by the force of a gun). More Americans have died because of the Bush response to 9/11 than were killed that fateful day.

Bin Laden might scare people. He might even be able to kill them. But he was in no position to abolish Constitutional rights. Only Bush could do that. Bin Laden's attack only brought world sympathy and support to the United States, Bush's reaction brought contempt and hatred. What good will the US had on 9/12 was squandered by a power-hungry moron. Bin Laden had no ability to diminish the freedoms of Americans. Bush had that ability and used it with relish and the country is the worse because of him.

After seven years of Bush I have to wonder what the hell the Democrats are thinking. They continue to capitulate to this evil man and have yet to grow a backbone. A few of them are brave enough to talk about impeachment -- but only talk about it. My view is that impeachment is a good start but what we ought to be discussing is a treason trial.

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