Sunday, November 25, 2007

And then there was one.

Australia’s John Howard, who as prime minister was a staunch supporter of George Bush, has been sent packing by the electorate. Not long ago Tony Blair, another Bush lapdog was sent packing by his own party. Both men were harmed because of their close association with the Great Divider.

George Bush clearly has the Merde Touch. That’s like the Midas Touch except everything he touches turns to shit. For decades evangelical Christianity was on the rise in the United States. Two terms of a president wedded to fundamentalistic thinking apparently has turned the tide. Evangelicalism is scrambling to hold its young, more and more young people now openly embrace atheism, and evangelicals are rethinking their connections to the Republican Party.

Even Republicans are staying away from their own leader. Not one of the major Republican presidential lot, a sad and pathetic selection if I ever saw one, are getting cozy with Dubya. No one is defending the man. More and more people see his handling of Katrina as the high point of career with it being downhill from there on every other issue.

The solid national Republican majority that Ronald Reagan created has been shattered into tiny pieces. The American voters bitch-slapped Bush hard in the last election. The Republicans lost the Senate. The Republicans lost the House. The Republicans lost state assemblies around the country. The Republicans, who had a sold majority of the gubernatorial seats traded places with the minority Democrats. Bush has been such an utter disaster that even Hillary Clinton is looking good.

If Bush were a horse he’d be glue by now.