Friday, November 23, 2007

Hillbilly huckster Huckabee wants to finish the job.

Voters beware. The real dark horse in the Republican nomination is one of the worst Republicans running -- not quite the worst, that honor belongs to Tom Tancredo -- is Mike Huckabee. And Huckabee is about as far as you can get from the classical liberal values of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

He loves the idea of government being able to legally execute people for crimes. Now, I’m no fan of criminals, especially serious criminals. But I’m a realist when it comes to government -- Huckabee isn’t. Government’s screw up constantly. In fact that they manage to get anything right is probably more pure luck than anything else. But Huckabee has faith, lots of faith, in the power of of the omnipotent, omnipresent State. And he sees no issue about government executing innocent people by accident. I guess it’s collateral damage.

Killing innocent people doesn’t worry Huckabee and he’s very pro-war. He loves the U.S. involvement in Iraq and wants to stay the course. Actually staying the course, at this point may not be much worse, the ship of State has already hit the iceberg and is taking on water and listing heavily to Left because of the pathetic ship’s captain of late.

Huckabee is fan of energetic, meddling, all-intrusive government. He is anti-civil liberties, pro-war (which is ultimately anti-civil liberties and anti-economic freedom), and a theocrat to boot. He’s George Bush on steroids. And the fundamentalists, who have brought such disaster to the Republican Party, are starting to woo Huckabee. These morons aren’t finished destroying the Republican Party and exorcising the ghosts of Reagan and Goldwater. They are looking to inflict this hillbilly huckster on the party to finish the job.

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