Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have I been sleeping?

I’ve been lucky until tonight. I haven’t had to watch any of the superficial sound bites that pretend to be campaign commercials. Unfortunately that winning streak was just smashed. I sat through a Hillary Clinton ad.

Now forgive me, but apparently I’ve been Rip van Winkle or something. Apparently I’ve been asleep for decades. Hillary went into her spiel and ended it mentioning “my thirty-five years of experience”.

And I had to scratch me head. What thirty-five years of experience?

Is being married to a politician now considered “experience” when it comes to the presidency? Is Laura Bush now in the running for 2012. Apparently we are into some sort of dynasty thing. We get a Bush, then a Clinton, then a Bush, and now apparently a Clinton.

The one thing about the election is that the more they campaign the more I’m convinced we’d be better off it a bolt of lightening took out everyone of them.

Of course when the Republicans are campaigning the Democrats look good and when the Democrats campaign the Republicans look good. I suspect the winner will be which ever one manages to campaign the least.