Thursday, January 24, 2008

U.S. tax funds supports theocratic regime.

Don’t you just feel patriotic, so proud of your country and your president? Remember how Afghanistan was ruled by theocrats who were killing people in the name of religion. And then Jesus led George Bush to “liberate” Afghanistan. So the president, ignoring all the personal costs to himself (okay, he wasn’t dying and he receives more income from the government than he pays in taxes) sent American troops to bring freedom to Afghanistan.

God bless George. At the cost of billions of dollars and over the body of dead soldiers Mr. Bush enlightened Afghanistan and installed a government more to his liking. But pardon me for the confusion: exactly how does the current, US taxpayer supported government differ from the Taliban?

Journalism student Parwiz Kambakhsh, 23, read an article that was critical of Muhammad’s views on women and added a comment agreeing with the article. Well, he should critical. This so-called prophet was nothing more than a perfect example of the barbaric thinking of a barbaric age.

So Mr. Kambakhsh said what any educated, rational person would have to say. He didn’t write the article in question but he agreed with it and added some comments about the ignorance of Muhammad in regards to equal rights for women. If anything Mr. Kambakhsh was far too kind.

But with God’s help George Bush has installed a new government, one enlightened by Bush’s own values. So Mr. Kambakhsh received the sort of enlightened treatment that made it worth sending American soldiers to their deaths. The Afghani National Directorate of Security raided Mr. Kambakhsh’s home and confiscated his computer.

Of course, since Afghanistan’s government was installed by the enlightened Bush administration, it has procedures to deal with problems like this. So Mr. Kambakhsh was given a trial and the Afghan court decided that the young man should be executed. Hey, what is this? Texas? Aren’t you glad George sent Americans to die in order to “liberate” Afghanistan?

Mr. Kambakhsh read the article “The Koranic Verses That Discriminate Against Women” by one Arash Bikhoda, a pen name that means “Godless” in Persian. But the judges in the trial claim that Mr. Kambakhsh “confessed” to writing the article even though it is widely known to have been written by someone else. As the saying goes: “We have ways of making you talk.”

The local provincial attorney-general, who owes his job to the Bush administration, said that article was insulting to Islam (so what?) and that it is not a violation of rights to arrest people for reading articles critical of Islam. He said the trial was held in a “very Islamic way”. The information ministry for the U.S-installed regime said it is “confident that since the primary court’s ruling is not the final decision, Afghanistan’s judicial system will handle the issue of the death penalty very carefully and implement justice.”

Obviously the ministry is staffed by idiots. It is already too late to implement justice. In a just society people are not arrested for reading articles critical of some barbaric religious belief. In a just society they are not put on trial for this “crime”. Justice was already thwarted and mocked long before this disgusting sentence was imposed.

But, my fellow Americans, take pride. You helped fund this travesty of injustice because your tax moneys are supporting this regime. Take heart that the blood of American soldiers was spilled, and their lives snuffed out, so that the Bush regime could install a government that allows people to be arrested, tried and sentenced to death merely for reading articles critical of the moron who founded Islam.

If Mr. Bush didn’t have his lovely little war think of what it would be like. Instead the Taliban would be ruling the country and executing people for criticizing Islam. God bless America and God bless George Bush. Praise the Lord and vomit.

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