Monday, February 04, 2008

This is pornography in Virginia Beach says demented cop.

There was once a time, in the far distant past, when a police officer was called a “peace officer”. His job was to protect your rights. Now they are law enforcement officers and that means that their main function is to violate your rights.

This story takes us to the sad town of Virginia Beach, Virginia -- the burb where loony Pat Robertson was the head mullah for so long. There one of the the police force’s “finest” turned himself into a judge of obscenity -- something for which no legal definition exist or can exist. And considering what he found obscene I sniff the traces of religious fundamentalism under the surface. But we can’t tell since the media reports say nothing about the moron in uniform who conducted this raid.

The victims of this officer’s zeal is the local Abercrombie & Fitch store at Lynnhaven Mall. The local paper reports that two posters were confiscated by this “law enforcement” officer for “depicting partial nudity.” I find the term “partial nudity” to be nonsense. Unless you are in a burqa you are always “partially nude”. They really need to specific since this term tells us squat all. But why tell when we can show. And I want the morality squad in Virginia Beach to know I don’t live in your medieval town and have no intention of setting foot in the Dark Ages.

If you look at these posters you will see that shown squat all. You get a slight view of the very top of a young man’s butt crack and, as for the woman, the typical bathing suit shows more than this poster does. But some Neanderthal cop in the city walked into the store and confiscated the posters (no doubt for some solo pleasure on the way to the station) and cited the store manager for showing obscene photos to children!

The police in this throwback town argued that such posters may be on display in ever Abercrombie & Fitch store in the nation but that in Virginia Beach they know real obscenity when they see it.

Again the American sex hysteria strikes. And I will be particularly perturbed about it because these photos are being called obscene. Cops don’t know what is obscene. No one does. It, too, is a meaningless term with no objective definition. It is merely a word used to express subjective, individual tastes.

But allow to me to clarify what is obscene and what ought to be banned.

It is obscene when cops arrest kids for smoking some pot. It is double obscene when these kids are prosecuted and sentenced for it.

It is grossly obscene when drug enforcement agents conduct another no-knock violent raid on yet another American home. It is disgustingly obscene when they fuck up yet again and murder another person in the name of their war on drugs. The cops who do this are criminals by any decent code of morality and they are criminals who are act with the permission of the state. That is truly obscene.

It is obscene that police officers spend their time harassing and entrapping women who exchange sexual services for some cash. It is truly obscene when they use their power to exert sexual favors from those women along the way.

It is obscene when cops regularly taser people, putting their lives in danger and killing many, simply because people invoke their constitutional rights or don’t obey their masters in uniform fast enough.

What the police do on a daily basis is disgusting, stomach-turning violence against innocent people who have not violated the rights of anyone -- such as this store manager in Virginia Beach. What is most obscene about all of this is that the American people let these uniformed thugs get away with it.

The laws must be changed. The police need to be reigned in. I would look favorably upon measures that actually forbid officers from carrying weapons at all. The fact is that any weapon they are given will be misused. If they misuse their weapon they know their fellow officers will cover up for them and lie when necessary. They know the judicial system is skewed in their favor so they interpret this as meaning that they can do anything they fucking well please to anyone when they fucking well want. And they do!

In the case the most ass that was shown is the ass in uniform.

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