Sunday, June 08, 2008

A chance to do something good.

Here is your chance to do something good.

Vince Miller, the founder and president of the International Society for Individual Liberty has been hospitalized with pneumonia. He was very weak when taken in and his oxygen levels were so low, due to his lungs being congested with fluid, that he was at high risk of heart failure.

Vince has been a tireless worker in the trenches to further social and economic freedom. He has done so with little desire for recognition or reward.

Vince, who will be 70 in a few months, was not able to get insurance due to his age. So the hospital bills will come out of his meager pocket.

Hospital care has been excellent and the hospital has not hassled him regarding payments in any way. But some of his friends would like to take up a collection to help with these bills. Because his condition was so serious he is still in the hospital and has been since last Thursday. We know the quality of care that he has received doesn’t come cheap. So far we don’t have a figure from the hospital but we anticipate it will be substantial.

I’m asking my readers to consider helping out with this hospital bill. You can do so two different ways. One is that you can call Jim Elwood at 1 800 326 0996 and tell him you’d like to make a donation to Vince’s expenses. ISIL can process a credit card donation directly on your behalf. As a charity donations through ISIL do qualify for tax credits. Or you can go to the ISIL website and make an on-line donation. Just be sure to go down to the button that says “general donation” otherwise the funds are earmarked for other purposes and can’t be used.

A large number of my readers are, like myself, advocates of private charity. Here is a good opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Those who also advocate state charity can just pretend they got a tax increase and donate as well. The advantage for them is that this donation, unlike their tax proceeds, won’t get siphoned off for waging war, funding the war on drugs, paying to strip people of their civil liberties, etc. The donation is 100% guaranteed to pay for the actual medical care required by someone in need.

We know the cost will be in the thousands. We just don’t know how many thousands. Even small donations add up quickly and I doubt any reader here actually couldn’t make at least a $25 donation. Clearly substantial donations will be needed to pay for this medical care but any donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks, please do what you know is right.