Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why you should NEVER talk to the "Death Dealers".

Radley Balko, should be credited for keeping an eye on the police. He has an entry concerning a web site run by a police officer selling clothes to police officers. Please note the t-shirt that cops apparently are buying. Note it has the name of the t-shirt company “Bullet 50” and the slogan “Death Dealer”.

Make no mistake they are marketing exclusively to “law enforcement” thugs “who desire concealment clothing for UC [undercover] or off duty use. The number one complaint by plain-clothes operators/officers is the lack of functional clothing for law enforcement use.” They say the company was “created for officers who normally carry handgun and other law enforcement gear in their regular attire.” This company is run by cops for cops.

It is no secret that the police in the U.S. are out of control. We’ve made that point with videos and news articles time after time. And now we get a glimpse of how police officers see themselves with their “Death Dealers” t-shirt.” Disgusting.

Wendy McElroy warns her readers to NEVER speak to the police. Avoid them whenever possible. She has pointed to this video by law professor James Duane giving a lecture as to why you should, never, never speak to the police. Watch it and learn.

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