Sunday, June 08, 2008

Woman put on trial for having kitchen knife.

You can’t have a successful police state without disarming the public. And that includes disarming them in every way possible. Sad, pathetic England is well on the way toward that scenario. The general public, except for the violent criminals, are disarmed. And the police focus much of their activity toward the general public not the real criminals. It is both much safer for the officers and general more lucrative for the fines they collect for a plethora of petty offenses used to regulate the average person into submission.

A recent example of this four month prosecution of 29-year-old Jane Bellas. Bellas had a small sausage stand at a local fair. She would serve hot sausages on rolls to willing customers. One day she is on her way home when the police contend she committed a revenue raising traffic infraction. That really makes the day of the British cops.

She is pulled over when the police notice a dangerous and apparently illegal weapon in her car — a kitchen knife. In England it is illegal to have a knife in a public place without “good” reason. And “good” is entirely subjective and up to the interpretation of the local police. Clearly the young woman was no threat and that tells the police it is safe to arrest her. Bonus time -- they can not only get her for a traffic fine but fine her for carrying a kitchen knife in her car. She also faced the potential of four years in jail -- all for having a kitchen knife in her car.

And since Bellas was employed and not part of the welfare/criminal class they knew she would like pay up if convicted. For this reason alone the police pursue the working class/middle class citizens while ignoring the criminal case who live off the state and what they steal in other ways. The British system seems to be a system by which the criminal/parasitical class votes in politicians (they have so much in common) who then wage war on the working people in order to fund the programs that benefit the parasitical classes and benefit the politicians.

The police are the front arm of that war and the politicians hand them enough rules and regulations that they could get virtually anyone they set their eyes upon if they felt so inclined. And they set their eyes upon Jane Bellas and that kitchen knife gave them the excuse they needed. Ca-ching!

Bellas argued that she ran a sausage stand and had to cut bread rolls with the knife for the customers. The police said they didn’t believe her and continued with the case. They basically assume that most people won’t fight it due to the cost. Bellas fought it.

The only thing that saved here was that other bureaucrats had previously attacked her. At her trial it turned out that the prosecutors found evidence that inspectors had supposedly been tinkering with a generator while holding a sausage -- an offfense that the bureaucrats took “very seriously”. The judge found that this proved that Bellas did actually work the sausage stand and thus she was shown to have a “good” reason for having a kitchen knife in her car.

She was then found not guilty and given $20 to cover her costs. The Daily Mail reports that the cost of the case was around $4,000 but they were unclear as to whether these costs were for Bellas or for the “justice” system itself. Either way England is a pathetic excuse for a nation when this sort of thing can happen to a woman merely for driving with a kitchen knife in her car.

By the way, if you want an idea of how far this victim disarmament campaign can go, when give the political muscle consider an editorial from the British Medical Journal.

Not long ago England banned guns to put an end to violent crime. Violent crime increased. As the BMJ admitted: “Violent crime in the United Kingdom is increasing.... and one easily accessible weapon used in many incidents is the kitchen knife.” Because people use knives to kill other people the BMJ wrote: “We suggest that banning the sale of long pointed knives is a sensible and practical measure....”

Are they on to something? I’ve notice that politicians around the world are responsible for a lot of deaths themselves. Government certainly was the leading cause of death over the last century. Make the world safe! Ban government.

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