Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I've been converted -- sort of.

It appears that the lies pushed by the Mormon church in regards to same-sex marriage were enough to give their bigoted amendment to the constitution a bare majority. So, why not join the campaign. Apparently the Mormons and their Catholic front-groups believe it is perfectly fine to vote on whether or not minorities should be accorded the same rights as others.

Let's have a few other amendments then. How about one which specifically forbids Catholics to run schools? We even have better evidence on why this should pass than the lies used by the Prop 8 campaign (right Jenny?) I mean, who in their right mind wants a school, filled with children, connected with priests? Priests are notorious child rapists with so many victims that paying out compensation has bankrupted several dioceses within the Catholic Church. They have paid out untold millions to the children raped by their spokesmen. So why are they allowed to have schools?

Certainly we can't justify it on the basis of equality before the law. They don't believe in that. So all we have is the good will of the majority. But why should the majority have good will toward a sect run by child rapists. Of course not every priest was a rapist, some just helped cover up the crimes.

Then we have the Mormons. Of all the various sects and cults that exist Mormonism has to be the most obviously dishonest. While most religions go far enough back that one can't prove what did or didn't happen the same is not true for this cult. Mormonism is less than 200 years old and its history is well documented. We know that Joseph Smith was a con man who bilked people out of money with his peep stones and treasure hunting. He invented a lie about a golden book and conned a neighboring farmer out of his money to fund its printing. Smith took numerous wives in secret and lied about it.

Eventually a group of Mormons exposed Smith in a newspaper article so Smith had the newspaper destroyed. He borrowed symbols, rituals and ideas from the Masonic lodges and promised gullible followers that with his rituals, polygamy, magic underwear, etc., they would not just obtain salvation but could become gods themselves.

We had the Mormons deceptively pretending to be Indians in Utah and attacking a peaceful wagon train of settlers headed to California. The Mormons surrounded the wagon train and attacked. Then they went to the wagon train and told them they were their to save them from the Indians. They said they had negotiated a settlement with the Indians but the wagon train would have to surrender their arms and go with the Mormons for their safety. When the settlers were disarmed the Mormons escorted them away from the wagon trains. On a signal the Mormons murdered all the adults in the party and kidnapped the children to indoctrinate them into the wacko lies of Joseph Smith.

Smith's successor, Brigham Young, had bands of "avenging angels" who regularly murdered on behalf of the cult. They tended to take the lives of apostates or Mormons who questioned Young's presidency of the church. When a Mormon forger was running around Salt Lake City killing people many Mormons suddenly left the city on vacation fearing that some modern version of the "Danites" as the killers were known in the past, might have returned. Instead it was con man, forger doing the killing.

This con man was created forged documents verifying certain facts about the church long believed by historians -- such as Smith's history bilking people out of their money. The Mormon leadership was convinced the documents were real and exposed their church as a lie. So they went to wealthy Mormons and got them to purchase the documents. They did this so they could deceptively say they didn't purchase the documents themselves --much the way the Mormons leaders went to the cult members and told them to fund Prop 8 while claiming, at the same time, that the church itself wasn't financing the effort. After the documents were purchased they hide them away until the murders brought the police to the sect's headquarters and warrants got the documents released.

Now given the Mormon history of violence and deception should these people be armed? Yes, the Constitution says people have the right to bear arms. But obviously not all people are equal before the law. The Mormon sect doesn't believe in equality before the law so why should the rest of us? So it is perfectly fine for the majority to strip Mormons, and only Mormons, of the right to keep and bear arms. Maybe we should ban their magic underwear as well because such silly garments aren't hygenic.

And what really goes on in those Temples they build? Sure the public can walk through before they are open. But once they open it is secret to the core. Only Mormons in very good standing with the cult leadership are allowed to go to the Temples and partake of their secret, plagarized rituals. What other church holds their services in secret? Maybe the majority should vote for a law forbidding secret church services not open to the police inspection. In good Mormon logic -- if they don't have anything to fear why hide what they are doing?

And since Mormons and their off-shots are statistically far more likely to engage in polygamy, even to this day, then should they be allowed to adopt children? What sort of atmosphere are these kids being exposed to? Clearly the majority has the right to decide that a weird minority of violent members of a secret cult shouldn't have the same rights as regular people.And the Mormons can't complain, they set up the principle of lesser rights for groups that are despised. And it's easy to despise Mormons -- they are absolutely crazy.

The idea of equality before the law is an antiquated libertarian theory. But in modern day America we have majorities voting to strip minorities of rights. Since we are all minorities in one way or another it seems to me the principle threatens us all. The unAmerican theories of the Mormon sect and the rapists in the Catholic Church ought to be rejected. But if they are not rejected then why precisely shouldn't these same principles be used to strip these two odious sects of their rights?