Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moralistic busybody grabs girls breasts.

Melvin Owen is an antiporn activist. He is part of a group of busybodies called the Jackson County Watchdogs. They hang around outside adult shops harassing customers. He and his fellow “Watchdogs” have spent the last 1,191 days outside the Lion’s Den shop in Uniontown, Indiana.

Owen, however, may not be available to help his fellow moralists after his arrest. Apparently Mr. Owen was giving a 16-year-old girl a ride when he reached over and grabbed her breasts. By Owen’s own account he grabbed the girl several times. Her reaction was not a good one. Police say she ran to the police station and was “screaming, hollering, hysterical.”

Owen claims that the girl had “been coming on to him for several months”, according to police. Owen is 71-years-old so you figure how likely it was that this 16-year-old girl couldn’t resist his manly charms.

A fellow “Watchdog” claims that Owen couldn’t possibly be guilty and says his admission to the assault must have beeen because “he was all shook up and stuff and didn’t know what he was doing.” Articulate fellows those Watchdogs.