Thursday, December 18, 2008

The insanity of the gun control fanatics.

Alandis Ford is a 10-year-old boy. And, as 10-year-old boys are known to do, he wanted to show off his cap gun to some friends at school. It was just a toy, a cowboy six-shooter that made some noise but nothing else.

But the police in Georgia have charged the boy with "possessing a weapon on school property and with terroristic acts and threats." The police are assholes. A team of armed Sheriff's Deputies from Newton County raided the boy's home and arrested him.

How do the morons at the Sheriff's department explain their actions: "In this day and time, we do not take anything lightly, whether it's a toy gun or a real weapon, for the safety of the kids and everyone involved, the safety of the school. That's our main concern." As I've said before "the sake of the children" is one of the most popular slogans of the mindless authoritarians.

But really, are these guys serious or just plain stupid? They don't take "anything" lightly? Does this mean that any "threat", no matter how absurd, is taken seriously? Are they going to set up armed patrols to stop aliens from kidnapping children and subjecting them to anal probes? (No priest jokes please.)

Of course, if you want abject dumbness you have to go to the educational bureaucracy, the dunderheads who actually use the government school system to wipe out any intellectual curiousity in our children. Sherri Viniard, who has the unwarranted bureaucratic position of "Director of Public Relations" for the local school system, said: "Although this was a toy gun, it is still a very serious offense and it is a violation of school rules. We will not tolerate weapons of any kind on school property."

Can someone tell the woman that cap gun is not a weapon, at least no more so than a bicycle, a book or a fist. It is not real. It does not shoot bullets. It makes noise, sort of like unnecessary bureaucrats do. But unlike bureaucrats it doesn't do any damage. You can't call that a weapon without streatching the meaning of weapon to such extremes that is has no objective defintion whatsoever.

So, a little boy was arrested, fingerprinted, expelled from school, faces a long sentence in a juvenile detention center, and all for doing what kids in my day did on a routine basis. Of course back then we didn't have the antigun hysteria and our cops were smart enough to tell the difference between a toy and "the real thing".