Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shocking and sad news. Beth Hoffman, RIP.

This news is not only sad but shocking. Beth Hoffman of the Foundation for Economic Education died on Monday, December 1 in her offices at FEE.

I last spoke to Beth on Friday last week. She was in her car driving with her mother-in-law. She had left a message for me last Wednesday and this was the first chance I had to return the call. She couldn’t talk and I told her I’d try back. With Thanksgiving I wasn’t able to call again until Friday and we missed each other again. So on Dec 1st I called the switchboard at FEE and they put me through to her office. There was no answer. I left a message and made a note to call her tomorrow morning.. Now I discover that Beth was found dead in her office. She was just 58 years old.

Beth and I first meet at a FEE conference and over the years we corresponded by email and by phone. I last saw Beth in Las Vegas in July. Beth had a warm personality and she was a dedicated advocate of libertarian ideals. Knowing Beth’s dedication to FEE and their work I can only think that she would appreciate knowing her last minutes were spent promoting the ideas she so passionately believed in.

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