Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama's "Climate Czar" Socialist International Official

On the left is a screen capture of the Socialist International website. You will note that in the column there is a partial listing of the members of their commission on environmentalism -- an issue the socialists just love.

Down that list you will see the name of Carol Browner. President-elect Obama has already named Browner as his Climate Czar.

I read Time magazines short piece on Browner and there is no reference to her being an officer for one of the commissions within the Socialist International. A Google news search on "Carol Browner" and "socialist" turns up just one major media outlet that found it news worthy to mention Browner's connection to the Socialist International. That was the Baltimore Examiner.

Of course, if you now go to the Socialist International website you won't find Browner mentioned. She was literally wiped from the page with no explanation. But as the screen capture shows she was there as a commission member. You can also find it if you check the archived page here. I can understand the Socialist International wanting to cover this up and remove any embarrassment for Obama so deleting Browner's name from the list makes sense. Unfortunately, they did forget to remove it from this article about the members of the Commission. I suspect when they realize this they will delete mention of her there as well.

It is also clear, as our second screen capture shows, this is not some other woman named Carol Browner. It is the same Carol Browner that President Obama is appointing the nation's "Climate Czar".

Any guesses as to her agenda?

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