Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A perfectly awful example.

As my previous post made clear, this blog is very concerned about the way that adolescent sexuality has been turned into a criminal offense by the politicians in order to protect "children" from predators. Increasingly these badly drafted pieces of legislation are turning teens into criminals. No sooner had I posted the previous article on how this hysteria is entirely blown out of proportion than a perfectly awful example of these perversion of justice was presented to me.

Police in Greenburg Pennsylvania have arrested six teens and charged them the crime of "child pornography." NO, they weren't forcing small children into sexual acts. Three teenage girls sent nude, or semi-nude photos of themselves by email to their boyfriends. (So three girls and three boys.) All six are now deemed, by the morons who wrote the laws, to be child predators involved with "child pornography."

Who turned these teens into criminals? The jerks who run their local school. A teen was seen using a phone during school hours so the school confiscated the phone. Then, apparently without any legal right to do so, they searched through the phone to see what was on it. And when they found the racy photos they called the local sex gestapo to get involved.

I hope the school gets sued. I don't see a problem with them confiscating the phone during school hours if it is being used. But they have no legal right to search through the phone to see what they can find. This unnamed administrator is pure scum as far as I'm concerned. He, or she, has literally turned six teens in "sex offenders" and ruined their entire lives because of this. This is the kind of person who really does deserve a dark alley and some angry parents.

The police are saying that all the teens are criminals and warn teens who get such pictures from friends to delete them and then turn their friends into the police. I hope the real message from this, that teens pick up is this: the police are your enemy, don't cooperate with them, don't talk to them, avoid them at all costs. In this case "police say more charges could be filed against other students if more pictures are found."

Please note that the one boy in the news report said that the photos were seen by most kids at the school. Get this: all those students are now sex offenders who can be arrested by the gang in blue.

Once again I emphasize that these laws are not protecting our teens from "predators" they are a direct threat to life and liberty of our teens. These laws need to be reformed, and I suspect mostly abolished, immediately.

In Indiana a teenage boy who photographed his penis and emailed the photo to a girl was arrested on the felony charge of a "obscene performance". In another case a "juvenile arrested recently at a local school was charged in juvenile court with possession of child pornography." The prosecutors and police say the teens find the activity harmless but the officials warn that teens can be "damaged" by it -- what they mean is that the teens can be damaged by the police and the courts when they are made into criminals and turned into registered sex offenders. One
"school resource officer" (the police stationed in schools), Officer Jeremy Tinkle says that this "crime" is far more widespread than people realize and that many "cases go unreported" by the teens.

By the way this Indiana report is an example of another worrying trend: the stationing of police officers in the schools for the express purpose of arresting teens. These cops are not protecting teens. They are there to arrest them. And it is a good thing that teens are not reporting things to this officer from the local sheriff's department. The police should be removed from the schools unless there is a clear and present danger to students from others. If no such danger exists then the presence of cops in the schools is more likely to hurt teens than help them.

In Cincinnati, "school resource officer" Jim Brown says: "If I were to go through the cell phones in this building right now (something he no doubt salivates over) of 1,500 students, I would venture to say that half to two-thirds have indecent photos, either of themselves or somebody else in the school." If this police officer (not school resource officer as they are called) is correct then our laws would have turned half to two-thirds of all teens into sex offenders. When you have this massive a percentage of teens open to felony charges by cops like Brown then something is very, very wrong with the law.