Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another "lost" cop kills another dog and steals.

Cops kill. Many like to kill. I have repeatedly warned on this blog that even allowing a cop on your property is a threat to you, your family and your pets. Previously I told the story of Lee Ann Hutts, who was home minding her own business. A cop, who couldn't find the address he was looking for knocked on her door to ask for directions. She made the mistake of trying to help him and her beloved dog ended up dead as a result.

In Blanchard, Oklahoma, another lost cop pulls into someone's rural driveway. He says he wanted directions. The family dog comes running out, as all dogs tend to do, anxious to greet the new arrival. Instead of getting back in his car, if he is scared by dogs, the cop kills the dog. Tammy Christopher, the owner of the dog, says she wants the cop held accountable. But Tammy doesn't understand cops never hold each other responsible unless they are forced to do so.

The dog-killer, Deputy Sean Knight, was not held accountable at all. He was promoted.

It also appears Deputy Knight is a thief. A fellow moonlighting cop got Knight a second job at a golf course not far from where he killed the dog. It seems that Knight would work the graveyard shift, or was supposed to. He would clock into work and then disappear. I assume he returned in the morning to clock out. One night a fire started at the golf club and when the fire department arrived no one could find Knight. The golf course, being a private entity, did hold Knight accountable and fired him. Of course, stealing from an employer with falsified time sheets didn't bother the local sheriff's department even though it is a crime. But it was crime committed by a cop and cops are above the law.

In fact, Sheriff Art Kell, told a local reporter that he didn't appreciate him investigating his department and warned the reporter, "if you want to keep asking me questions on this issue you'll damage any good relationship I have with the paper." The question that spurred that veiled threat was asking if falsifying time sheets to increase pay wasn't stealing. The Sheriff said, "why is this such a big deal if the deputy was not working on department time? If I start calling you and asking you questions about your crimes and sins we'll see how much you like it."

What!!! Is the Sheriff saying that he normally wouldn't investigate people for their "crimes?" Or was he implying that if the reporter doesn't shut up that he will investigate him for crimes? Was this an admission of incompetency, or a threat of intimidation?

This is the same department that told one story about the dog murdering, pay stealing cop at the beginning but later changed the story when a video of the incident was released. Now they simply refuse to talk about their trigger-happy, dishonest, but newly promoted, officer. The local county is expected to pay compensation of $15,000 to the owner of the murdered dog.

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