Friday, March 06, 2009

A brief break

I will try to post something on Friday and perhaps on Saturday. But I shall be flying to New York for a conference. It is not likely that while I am there that I will post anything. The reason is quite simple: I refuse to take my laptop on airplanes anymore. The risk to financial data, passwords, etc., is simply too great. The "burden of proof" necessary for the Travel Nazis to copy your hard disk for investigation is far too low. And people have had their computers confiscated and copied without knowing who has access to that material. Living in the reality of the War on Terror Police State is not pretty. So I prefer not to fly with a computer anymore. Let them steal somebody else's passwords instead.

I may have access to the laptop of some friends while in New York so I might fill you in while there. Otherwise my short break will go from Saturday until Wednesday.