Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This is getting so routine as to be comedic.

The young man to the left is looking for work: he is willing to trade value for value. Fair enough. His employment ad mentions his skills and sought after attributes. He offers "good times," "escort for days" and is "uncut, versatile, nice ass." He is "For a sensual meet or companionship" and promises to "do anything you say as long as you ask." He says he is bisexual, has a "large" cock and has specialties: "Vanilla, Leather, Anal, Oral, Shaving, Spanking, Role Playing, Kissing, Toys, Feet." He is also available for modeling, go-go dancing, stripping and massage. He is multi-talented clearly.

Apparently we are also supposed to believe his most sought after talent is carrying luggage.

This young man, in case you wonder, advertises his services exclusively at a site called The site advertises the services of men willing to trade their sexual services for cash. As long as its peaceful, voluntary and doesn't happen in the street and scare the horses, I don't give a damn. It is far more honorable than a lot of things: like being a congressman or taking bailout money. My concern here is not the young man in question but one his clients.

A few days ago this young public servant flew into Miami International Airport after a ten day trip to Europe. His services and his airplane fare and expenses were all paid by George Alan Rekers, who has been a full-time anti-gay activist from the Christian Right for some time. I know, this is getting tedious. One has to wonder if any of them are actually NOT closet cases.

Rekers told the media that the reason he hired a male escort from a web site that specializes in male escorts was that he had surgery "and I can't life luggage. That's why I hired him." I just had to move some heavy items into the hotel on one day and out again a few days later. I tipped the bellboys $20 each to do it for me. It just never occurred to me to hire someone who charges a couple hundred per hour to do the same thing—and more no doubt.

Rekers claims he had no idea that the young man he hired was a male prostitute. But the only site on which the young man advertises is quite openly named That is hard to miss. And certainly the moment you check into the site you can't miss the purpose of the site. And the young man's ad discusses such luggage-friendly traits as the size of his penis, that he performs anal and oral sex and will spank.

Even worse for Rekers was that when he flew into Miami with his rent boy, it was Rekers, not the boy, who was moving their luggage.

Rekers was a founder of the Family Research Council and involved with a Christian-Right group that promises to help "cure" gay people. He has testified in favor of legislation denying gay couples the right to adopt. Rekers is a fundamentalist Baptist minister and claims to be an expert on teenage sexuality. He has written books on how to make sure your children grow up heterosexual.

The young man admits that the two met through but will adamantly deny having sex. But then admission could open him to criminal prosecution since the exchange of money for sex is a crime, in part thanks to men like Rekers. The young man says that Rekers does like to be surrounded by young males. In fact, while wanting to deny adoption rights to people who are gay Rekers went out and adopted a 16-year-old boy for himself. The adopted son is now 20, making him the same age as the male prostitute that Rekers hired to move luggage at extremely high costs.'

The latest is that Rekers, who previously claimed he did not know the boy was a male prostitute, now claims he did know but was trying to save the boy's soul. Rekers says: "My hero is Jesus Christ who loves even the culturally despised people, including sexual sinners and prostitutes." "I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal of to try to help them." Hmm, anyone think he was onhis knees only because he was praying? Rekers claims to have "a loving Christian ministry to homosexuals and prostitutes in which I share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them." As far as I know when Jesus spoke with prostitutes he didn't do it on the clock while paying their escort rates.

Originally Rekers said he did not know the boy was a prostitute when he hired him and only found out half-way through the trip. Now he claims he knew all along and did it because he wanted to preach to the boy, while sharing hotels rooms with him around Europe for ten days. I guess Rekers figures that people who accept the virgin birth with accept any claim. Me, I'm just a skeptical atheist and suspect he paid for a good fuck.

Update: Here is a photo of Rekers at the airport with the young man in question. The "luggage handler" is standing on the sidelines while Rekers deals with the luggage. But then, who really thought this was about luggage, unless luggage is what they are calling it these days? Would a quickie be "carry-on luggage?" Would masturbation be called "hand luggage?" Are chubby chasers into "excess baggage?"

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