Saturday, March 26, 2011

Toilets and sex.

I was listening to a paleoconservative railing against government regulations of things like shower heads, toilets and light bulbs. I'm with him on that.

On a recent trip to San Francisco I used the toilet in my hotel room, which is sort of the point to having the room, along with other things like showering and sleeping. But the low-flush toilet simply wouldn't flush things away properly. It didn't have the power it needed to flush solids away. With such commodes I find that I flush several times. Lots of people I know say they do the same thing. In the end they use more water.

But what got worse was the toilet clogged. That was making it impossible to use at all. The hotel was a small one and the time of night meant there was no one to solve the problem. I had to go to the front desk and borrow a plunger, which was needed several more times over the next two days. It really was a shitty experience.

And that brings me back to the paleoconservative. Paleoconservatives are for free markets, for a non-interventionist foreign policy, but tend to be very socially conservative. One, who even pretends to be a "libertarian," claimed that a libertarian society would have to physically remove gay people in order to survive. It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn he is anti-immigraiton—well to be precise he is against immigration by non-whites most of all.

Freedom of choice for toilet bowl power! Great, but exactly why have freedom of choice for your toilet bowl but NOT for your spouse?

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