Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Another senseless death by over-policing

I am an adamant opponent of tasers. Tasers regularly kill people, in spite of the bogus claims by the "industry" that they are safer. Well, compared to trigger happy joyboy cops, a taser is safer. Better yet stop the joyboys from getting their rocks off with their adrenaline kicks. That is even safer. These cops, because tasers are allegedly seen as safer, are quicker to resort to them.

In this case please note that eyewitnesses said the main in question did not act violently or do anything to warrant the taser attack. The police claim he didn't fully stop at a stop sign. Cops love that one because there are almost never cameras to prove them wrong. It is an easy accusation to make to justify any stop.

Next they say the man did NOT stop until he pulled into a parking lot. I have driven the area in question. This is a very mountainous region of California with roads that wind in every direction, with little space to pull over. I have been to the Valero station in question, after getting lost on this roads once.

Any driver would find it difficult to impossible to immediately pull over unless they luck out and are in just the right spot at the right time. I know that I got hopelessly lost for awhile in the area and just trying to find a place to turn around would sometimes mean driving for a mile or two extra. Allen Kephart pulled over and stopped in a safe place, as opposed to unsafely doing so on a curving road with little to no shoulder. He did the sane thing, as opposed to the insane power junkies that attacked him.

They pulled him out of his car and threw him violently to the ground. That is assault. They then tasered him to death. That is murder. What happens to the thugs? They are still in their jobs probably having a good laugh about how they taught those yokels to respect their authority.

Also note that eyewitnesses said that people who video taped the incident had their telephones confiscated by the police. Once again the police are routinely destroying evidence that could be used against them. It ought to be a crime for any police officer to confiscate a taped recording of his actions. Every cop should be under video surveillance because that is what you do with dangerous people, you keep an eye on them. That they confiscate such video recordings itself is indicative that they KNOW they are acting like a violent gang. They know it, so they destroy the evidence that proves it.