Monday, March 13, 2006

Islaminsts in Holland sentenced

Nine Muslims in the Netherlands have been convicted of terrorism. All are part of an Islamist group that was run by Mohammed Bouyeri the man who assassinated Dutch film producer Theo van Gogh.

Two of the men were convicted for throwing a hand grenade into a group of Dutch policemen. After the Islamists killed van Gogh they had protests in Holland attacking the Dutch reaction to the murder. Members of the group had also prepared farewell letters in preparation of suicide attacks they were planning on conducting.

Associated Press said: "The case also was seen as evidence of the threat Europe faces from homegrown radicals, since most of the defendants were born in the Netherlands."

True, but they came from the families of Islamist immigrants. And generous welfare benefits in Holland have helpd insulate these groups from Western culture. Islamic centres, schools and even mosques are funded by the state and the bulk of the immigrants do not need Dutch for the workplace as they receive benefits.