Sunday, April 30, 2006

Former governor gets Libertarian nod

The small L libertarian ex-governor of Massachusetts is now a big L candidate for the same office in New York. He is also still seeking the Republican nomination as well. New York allows cross endorsements and vote totals are added together for the final total. William Weld was always sympathetic to libertarian ideas as a Republican and by that I don't mean he was a conservative who called himself a libertarian. He actually supported social freedom unlike most Republicans who claim to be libertarian.

Weld says that if the GOP does not nominate him he will continue with his race as the Libertarian candidate only -- which, I hope, will be the case.

Because Weld is a socially liberal Republican he has problems within the GOP which is anti-freedom on social issues and dominated by big government conservatives. He also has problems with voters who would like to support him but are unwilling to vote for a Republican under any circumstance. Having the nomination of a second party, and one that is not allied with the Religious Right, could be just what he needs. This allows voters who support Weld, but despise the GOP with good reason, to vote for him without backing the Republican Party.