Wednesday, April 12, 2006

France: home of cowards, fools and thugs

One must wonder seriously why France is such a pathetic nation. I happen to love France. Paris is one my favorite spots in the whole world. And each I went I spent more and more time there. But there is no denying that something rather sad is happening to France. Whatever virtues the nation has, what ever past it experienced, there is no denying that is a nation populated by cowards, foods and thugs. And perhaps the apathetic.

France has one of the sickest economies in Europe. And there is no indication it will ever improve. The nation suffers from high unemployment due to stupid rules that destroy jobs. The French don't care. If they are unemployed they live off the state. But the state to pay the unemployed has to destroy further jobs via taxation make the situation worse and worse.

The government tried one major reform. Stupid youths, totally devoid of any economic understanding, took the to streets and acted like spoiled brats. But that is not a trait of just the young. It is the French. The nation is populated by spoiled brats. Spoiled brats in bureaucracy, spoiled brats in agricuture, spoiled brats in the trade unions. And when spoiled children don't get their way they thrown a temper tantrum. The stupid mothers among us cave in to the screaming and crying and promise the vile child that they will buy her treats and candy or toys. In essence they reward the spoiled one for their tantrum by caving in to their demands.

It is clear that such behavior only makes the child worse. Well, the French governtment has capitulated to the violence inflicted by young fools in the universities and older fools in the trade unions. France is economically doomed for the foreseeable future. The politicians are cowards and caved in. The students and unionists who inflicted violence on that nation are fools and thugs. Mohammed Galadari, of the Khaleej Times from the United Arab Emirates hit the nail on the head: "In France, people do not want to work, because of the social welfare system, under which those without work get an unemployment dole of 1000 euros a month. This is as much as what one gets from a normal work. 'So, why should we go for work', is what people ask. I have heard such questions myself.