Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BBC interviews wrong man

Wires got crossed at the BBC. They wanted to interview Guy Keweny about the recent ruling regarding Apple Records vs Apple computers. They called out to a group of people looking for Guy Keweny but Guy Goma, a taxi driver originally from Congo thought they called his name and raised his hand. He was ushered into a studio, miked up, and they started throwing questions at him live on air. Meanwhile the IT journalist, who is white, was watching the whole thing flabbergasted. The poor taxi driver was baffled and did his best to answer the questions they asked him and only realized the mix up when they mentioned his "name" again and it was the wrong one. Here is a clip of that interview. Note: One person I trust said that the account she read said Congo. I thought the account I read said Ghana. Now I can't find a news account mentioning any country although many counts mention the man by name and occupation.