Monday, June 26, 2006

Lethal welfare?

Welfare was originally established to help people through "rough spots". Now we have families that have existed off welfare for generations. Yes, there are some people who receive the temporary help they need but for a growing number of others welfare is the great enabler that allows them to party, drink and buy drugs. Yet these families are paid additional benefits for having children. So they do. One such family in New Zealand used their benefits to establish a "party house". The matriarch of this "family" though only 27-year-old had given birth to 8 children and couldn't care for any of them. Four ended up with an ex partner, one died during birth, one was taken from her due to neglect and two, the survivng two members of triplets, were beaten to death. Now this family, again on state funding is lawyering up and refusing to help with the police investigationm into the murder of these two helpless infants.

When welfare enables dysfunctional individuals, incapable of caring for themselves, to have children it places children in harm's way and some children die as a result. Charity not wisely given easily turns lethal.

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