Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meade is moronic and mean.

J.R. and Robin Knight moved to Meade, Kansas and opened up a bed and breakfast and small restaurant. It was their dream. Their young son visited a museum on the Wizard of Oz and bought a rainbow flag (as in "somewhere over the rainbow"). It was friendly and colorful. It still is but the people of Meade are not friendly, kind or intelligent.

The local small-minded newspaper printed a story saying that the flag means gay pride. It can mean that. It often does. But it can mean unity in diversity and human community. It is used around Europe, with the word PEACE added, as a peace flag. But the "good" people of Meade have gone on the rampage.

Keith Klassen, a semi-literate porcine pundit told the local television station "To me it's like running up a Nazi flag in a Jewish neighborhood." No doubt the man knows next to nothing. The Nazis killed Jews. Even if one took the rainbow flag as only a gay flag since when were gays the moral equivalent of genocidal maniacs. I have heard of gay bashings but usually its straights beating up gays not the other way around. This bulging bigot said: "I can't walk into that establishment with that flag flying..." From the look of him he has trouble walking into any establishment without double doors and benches as seats. I would not be the lest bit surprised if Keith Klassen's middle name is Karl and he signs his corresponded: KKK.

One local minister apparently walked in and started screaming at Robin Knight. The minister promised to organize a boycott. How very Christian of him! And of course God's people in Meade are refusing to step into the restaurant because of the flag.

Knight says they didn't put the flag up with a gay message in mind but that if any gay people want to stop by they "will be treated with the best service I can give you." Knight says that when this flag shreds from use he now plans to buy another one "and another one, and another one." Here's wishing him well. It must be difficult being a decent human being in town full of idiots. Meanwhile, dear readers, if you are ever in Kanas (though I can't fathom why anyone would go there), and you find yourself in Meade, don't spend any money whatsoever except with the people flying the rainbow flag.

As for Meade in general. Hicksville. The nearest center of higher education is 131 miles away in distance and lightyears away in englightenment. Less than 20% of the townsfolk have a college education, well below the state average -- and it shows.. The median household income is below state average, the median value of homes are significantly below state average, the average age of home is significantly above the state average. And if you think tornados are a punishment from God then Meade gets them about 57% more often than the rest of the US. I would think, however, that just living in Meade would be punishment enough.

Except for burning people at the stake apparently the high point in Meade is a visit to a state fish hatchery or looking at a display of farm equipment on Pearlette Street or shopping in the business district which has about one dozen businesses! I get the impression that dressing up is putting on your best sheets and burning a cross a major highpoint of the year. And if anyone in Meade knows it or not, if averages remain true there then there are also about 80 gay people living in Meade. No doubt some of the good people boycotting this restaurant will find a son or daughter who moves far away from home and never visits or writes and they'll wonder why. Anyone who would like to email the local newspaper can do so at: