Saturday, September 23, 2006

Largest protest yet in Budapest

Demonstrations against the admittedly dishonest regime of the Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany continue. A short while ago the crowd demanding his resignation had grown to 50,000 strong. Support for the demonstrations grows as Gyurcsany sees support for his Socialist government falling rapidly. He won election in May with 40 percent of the vote but is now down to 25 percent support. Gyurscany started the demonstrations when a tape of him admitting he lied to the public in order to get elected was leaked and made public. Making it worse are that local elections are only days away. A landslide to the opposition would be a blow for the lying PM to stay in office. Hungary has not seen such public demonstrations since the 1956 uprising against the Communist dictatorship. Gyurscany says he will hold on to power no matter what the people want. Typical socialist.