Monday, October 23, 2006

America sleeps safe tonight. Thanks George!

Americans can sleep safe tonight. The border have been secured against at least one threat to mom, apple pie and the American way. A dangerous foreign invader has been stopped. Americans need not fear the rise of Vegemite.


Sounds like a cross between termites and vegetables. It tastes pretty awful too. But down under the Kiwis and Aussies seem to love the stuff.

Now Customs Agents are asking peoople if they are carrying this dangerous food item. It has been banned for importation into the US and the owner of a shop selling Australian goods said he was ordered to stop selling the spread for sandwiches six months ago.

The reason for the ban. Vegemite contains folic acid. For the scientificially illiterate that means it contains one variety of vitamin B. And the US government has decided that one can only add this vitamin to breads not to spreads. On the other hand one can purchase vitamins over the counter which contain folic acid in them. I have a multivitamin table I purchased in the US that contains 100% of the minimum daily requirement of folic acid in it.

So folic acid is okay in tablets. And it’s okay in bread. But add it to fowl tasting yeast and put in a spread that goes on top of the bread and suddenly the US federal government is all over it. Absurd. I suggest they spend more time looking for bin Laden and less time looking for Vegemite.