Saturday, December 02, 2006

All travelers to US to be branded for life.

The ever evasive Bush administration has come up with a new way to keep track of every person in the world who visits the US or crosses the border -- including American citizens.

Now the US government is rating all travelers as potential terrorists by computer. The US government has forced airlines to give as much personal information as possible to the American KGB, I mean Homeland Security, which will feed this data into a computer before anyone travels to the US.

The computer program will then assign a terror rating to you. And you are not allowed to know what it says about you, you can not challenge it if is inaccurate and it stays on file for 40 years.

This data however is only secret to you. It is given to police at the local and state level. It will be shown to foreign governments and to courts. It can be accessed by various bureaucrats. But you are not allowed to know what it says.

And if they rate you highly because of your seating preferences on the plane (one criteria they use) you will be subjected to additional harassment by the travel Nazis. Since seating is one criteria I assume anyone asking for an aisle seat has a higher terror rating since that gives them more mobility on the plane. Now millions of people ask for aisle seats so they can use the toilet without having to crawl over two other people. Now a weak bladder may be sufficient cause to have you endure special selection by the brownshirts in airport security.

The Republican congress passed this intrusive measure and exempted it from the Privacy Act. So now the Bush administration can rate you a terrorists. It is not going to tell you that you have been so rated. It won’t allow you to challenge the rating. In fact since you don’t know what your rating is you can’t challenge it. You can be subjected to additional harassment by Homeland Security every time you fly and this rating, and I assume this treatment, will follow you for the rest of your life. And there are still some idiots who say the Republicans stand for “limited government”. Sure they do. They are right up there with other advocates of small government like Mussolini and Castro.