Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now that's what they call "term limits".

The people of the town of Fago, Spain seem to know how to take care of a politician who tries to micromanage the lives of the entire village. They killed him. To be precise police aren’t sure who killed Miguel Grima but the entire population of this mountain village is a suspect.

The town has only a few dozen citizens but Grima pissed them all off. The only bar was forbidden by this bureaucrat from putting tables out during the summer. So they were pissed off. He refused to issue any hunting licenses so that pissed off hunters. Farmers, for centuries were allowed to drive livestock through the tiny town but the mayor stopped that. So the farmers were pissed off.

Grima has been involved in court cases with most the residents of the village at one point or another. The Telegraph says “He had taken out injunctions to prevent people making home improvements and closed down a bed and breakfast because it competed for business with his own establishment.” And when the only two children in the village tried to play basketball in the only flat spot in the village he banned that as well.

Only one villager would comment on the killing. Santiago Miramar said: “He was an unpleasant man who ran this place like his personal kingdom. He made life difficult for most of us but for a select few he made life impossible.”

According to police at least 3 people participated in the ambush attack on this interfering politician. Well, it’s certainly quicker and cheaper than a recall election. Is this what they mean by term limits.