Wednesday, February 21, 2007

US threatens legal action because Japanese TV ad violates US law!

There are times when you look at the idiocy of government bureaucrats and have to wonder how these people every finished school. They certainly didn’t walk unescorted since they are clearly too dense to cross a street alone. And when you saw those signs that “Slow Children ahead” these were the slow children they were talking about.

Here is a television commercial. You won’t get much out of it unless you read Japanese. But this commercial has bureaucrats in Washington in a tizzy and they threatening criminal charges.

So what did you see? A baseball player drinks some beer. End of story. Not particularly remarkable. But these days Washington, DC, from the top bureaucrat in the White House on down, thinks they rule the world. It’s Pinky and the Brain all over again.

The baseball player is Daisuke Matsuzaka, a pitcher for the Red Sox. The bloody Nanny nuts in DC have said that the commercial is unacceptable. Arthur Resnick of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau, another agency that ought to be closed down, is threatening to go after the player. He says the may “merit punitive action”.

He whines that his bureau “would consider unacceptable any ad ‘which depicts any individual consuming or about to consume an alcoholic beverage prior to or during an athletic activity or event”. Whoopee! Some moron in some meddlesome department in a more meddlesome government says they don’t like the commercial. So what?

First, the ad is not playing in the United States though now this controversy means lots of Americans have watched it on the internet. So if numbnut Resnick didn’t want the commercial seen he has just given it a far bigger audience than ever. When will these mullahs learn that to attack something is to publicize it.

But the fact remains that this commercial is not under the jurisdiction of the American government.

They really need to learn, in Washington, what jurisdiction mean. It means that when they try to run other countries they are not acting as the government. They are criminals trespassing on the rights of other nations and the people of those nations.

This ad is fully legal in Japan. The US doesn’t have the same freedom that the Japanese have. In Japan if someone drinks a beer in a commercial buildings don’t collapse, the gate of hell don’t open up and consume people. Life goes on as normal. Life in the US doesn’t go on as normal because people like Resnick are constantly interfering.

So what authority does Resnick, or any other moronic US bureaucrat, have over the matter? None. Nada, Nothing. Zilch, Zero. Ah, remember the days when bureaucrats like this were tarred, feather and rode out of town on a rail. Resnick makes me nostalgic. Every official in the US government should be reminded very strongly that their jurisdiction ends at the US border. And no further.