Friday, March 23, 2007

How to get bumped to first class.

Ever wonder how to get bumped up to First Class on an international flight. Well, f... off and die. Apparently that will do it.

An elderly woman took the flight from Delhi to London. Shortly after departure she departed. At this point the cabin crew carried the body to First Class and put her in a seat there. A passenger in the row was sleeping and when he woke up he found a corpse next to him. He found that a bit disturbing but was told to “get over it” by the crew.

Now to make matters worse once the plane landed everyone in First Class had to stay on board until the police spoke to them. British police seem to be proper twats in fact. The death didn’t take place in First Class, the body was moved there. But they interview the First Class passengers asking them what they saw when they didn’t see anything except the body being carried in and planted in a seat.

Now, no one really faults British Air, the carrier, because an old woman departed on her own. But they don’t seem to have a way of dealing with the problem. I would have thought they would have someplace to put a dead body other than in a seat next to a paying passenger.

You may have often thought there is nothing worse than an old woman sitting next to you who won’t shut up for the entire flight. Well, there is.