Friday, April 06, 2007

Anarchism in America

Here is an interesting documentary on "Anarchism in America." Now parts of it are horribly dated. I cringe when I hear them using words like "groovy" and "do your own thing". But the documentary raises some important issues about the role of the state and freedom in society. And while I can see flaws in a lot of what is said I also see virtue in much of it, perhaps most of it. Murray Bookchin is so close and yet so wrong. And I got a bit nostalgic. What a pleasure to spend some time again with Karl Hess, the gentle anarchist. He is someone for whom I have only fond thoughts. Even when we disagreed he was the gentleman. Seeing him again, even if only on the computer screen, was a real treat. Finally, here is a challenge for the readers. There is a song at the end entitled "Power and Authority" which is actually quite good. (It should be on the air in Zimbabwe as we speak). Can anyone find an MP3 version of it or point to where I can find a recording of it? Enjoy this documentary.

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