Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Satan in charge of illegal immigrants.

Obviously some people on the Right (Left too actually) want to demonize immigrants who seek jobs without a permit from government bureaucrats. But some in the Republican Party take this demonization very, very literally.

The Republican Party of Utah Country, Utah recently held their annual convention. At this meeting some yahoo named Don Larsen, chairman of the Republican Party for legislative district 65, offered up a resolution supporting the claim that illegal immigration is part of a plot by Satan and his demons to destroy America.

According to this moron immigrants “hate Anmerican people” and “are determined to destroy this country, and there is nothing they won’t do.” Larson, sounding like a real loony, says that illegal immigrants control the media (they must be doing very well for themselves) and want to “destroy Christian America” to replace it with “a godless new world order -- and that is not extremism, that is fact.”

As loony as this man is he had some stiff competition from the local Republican stalwarts. One speakers said illegals are under control of Satan and are all Marxists. Another said illegals should be deported because “they are not going to become Republicans.” Hmm, on that criteria they would have to deport the vast majority of the American people. Barking mad statements like these are one reason so many people have rushed away from the GOP.

One Republican, who apparently understands a bit of economics, said the economic benefits of immigrants outweighs the costs. Apparently he was “jeered” by these “small-government Republicans.

A vote on the matter wasn’t taken due to a lack of quorum. From the sound of it the nearest asylum should have been a good place to seek the extra members needed so they could take a vote. This has to be humiliating to those Republicans who still cling to the ideas of Reagan and Goldwater.

I find it amusing to think that Satan has an interest in providing crop pickers for California fruit farms. I would think he'd prefer we had a less healthy diet. And apparently he wants to make sure fast food outlets have plenty of staff. Anyway, the illustration is of the old boy himself, and now that I know the truth I have to say he does look Mexican after all. Wow! The things we can learn from Republicans.

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