Thursday, August 02, 2007

A real Liberty Film Festival

Since I criticized the conservative faux Liberty Film Festival I thought I would mention some films that a real liberty film festival might consider showing.
The Castle: A wonderful Australian film on on eminent domain that points out how the state can compensate a many for his house but not for his home.

To Live: A Chinese film that follows a family trying to live in the midst of political turmoil from World War II up to the Cultural Revolution.

Rabbit-Proof Fences: Another Australian film that is heart-rending look at how the welfare state treated Aborigines by destroying their families and how three small children tried to escape their state care gives just to they could go home to Mum.

Tucker: A Man and His Dream illustrates how state power is used by special interests, in this film Big Business, to secure favors to stifle competitive markets.

Evelyn: Pierce Brosnan is man deserted by his wife and left with his children. In need he approaches the welfare system for help only to find they take his children and he has to fight to get them back.

Kolyma: a documentary on the Soviet system of concentration camps.

Rana’s Wedding: A Palestinian drama about a woman and her fight to avoid an arranged marriage.

A Day Without a Mexican: This is the Atlas Shrugged of the illegal immigrant. What happens in California when all the Mexicans disappear.

East/West: A stunning French drama about a Russian doctor and his French wife. The physicians returns to Russia on the promises of Stalin and finds an entire nation in chains. Thrilling.

The Tailor of Panama: a fascinating drama on the incentives of the government “information” industry in regards to events in other nations. A classic example of the distorted incentives that produce wacky “intelligence” used to justify invasions.

Harrison Bergeron: A great adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story about a society where government makes everyone equal in talent.

The Marva Collins Story: A good film about a teacher who decides to buck the system and start her own school and why she succeeded where state schooling failed.

The Day I Will Never Forget: a look at the horrific practice of female genital mutilation.

Hijacking Catastrophe: a look at the lies behind the invasion of Iraq and the anti-liberty neoconservative movement. This video can be viewed online here.

Those are just a few I would recommend. And there are lots more. These are films that promote freedom, skepticism of authoritarian, topdown control, that extoll the dignity of each individual to live unmolested, the right to free exchange and which truly promote freedom across the board and not selective freedoms.