Thursday, October 18, 2007

Annoy the hell out of the travel Nazis.

As you know the travel Nazis from the ominous Department of Homeland Security are spying on everyone who is unfortunate enough to travel behind the Iron Curtain, i.e. in the United States. They collect data on you that they say is secret and which even you aren't allowed to know about. But they also collect data on you that is available to you for the asking. So ask already! Find out how much attention the thugs in Homeland Security have paying you and get some idea of the information that have collected while spying on you!

The mere fact that millions of peaceful, law-abiding Americans are being spied upon by this Orwellian agency is disgusting. You can file a couple of forms with the travel thugs -- they love forms. You fill out the forms and sign them and make copies for yourself. You then send them certified to the travel Nazis and they are supposed to respond within 10 day acknowledging receipt of your request and within 30 days they are supposed to provide you with the dossier they have compiled on you. You may find out more than you realized. And at the very least it helps keep the bastards busy. They can't charge you for the search but may charge you for photocopying expenses. To download the forms and get explicit instructions on how to check up on the people who are checking up on you go here.

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