Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When it comes to this presidential election I don't have horse in the race. Actually I'm not sure anyone else does either -- more like asses than horses to me.

The virtue of supporting none of them is that I can be truthful about all of them. The downside of that is by the time I'm finished everyone is mad at me. C'est la vie.

The Clinton/Obama race is an interesting one only because we get to see just how vicious Hillary can be. My dictionary doesn't define bitch, it just runs Hillary's photo instead. The Clintons are known to be very nasty types when they don't get what they want. And Hillary is the worst of the two and she most assuredly is not getting what she wants. She expected Democrats to fall down at her feet in adoration.

One Hillary trick that is causing a stir on the blogosphere is a television commercial she ran with pictures of Obama where he looks several shades darker. You can see for yourself from this illustration. The top photo is from Hillary's ad and the bottom three were photos takes from the same debate where Hillary got her photo.

To this unbiased observer it looks as if Hillary's ad team clearly darkened Obama to make him appear much blacker. One would have to ask why they would do this? The only theory I can see any logic in is the hope that if Obama looks more African it will scare more voters with racist inclinations into supporting Hillary. Desperate times call desperate measures apparently.

Boy, I'm glad I don't have to vote.

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