Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How will Hillary managed the budget?

Hillary wants to “provide” health care for all Americans. The poor thing can’t even pay the health care bills for her own staff. Clinton promised to cover health care insurance for her employees. But her most recent FEC report showed that some of the health insurance bills were two months overdue. Aetna was owned $213,000 in back payments alone.

The publicity over this has the Clinton campaign promising that the next FEC report will show those bills are paid. Of course that doesn’t do anything to change the fact that the bills weren’t being paid in the first place.

Hillary is also more in debt than any other candidate. Apparently she is not opposed to deficit spending. Her campaing is $8.7 million in the red. Obama owes the relatively small sum of $625,000. McCain owes $4.3 million with $3 million of that being a bank loan.

It this is how Hillary manages a budget of tens of millions what will she do when she has billions to command?