Sunday, June 15, 2008

You call that small!

I find conservatives to be a fraudulent bunch. They spout how they are advocates of “small government” and they continually whine that government is big enough on the issues that concern them. Take this outfit that calls itself SmallGovTimes as a prime example of the hypocrisy.

Take a look at these two charts which indicate the amount of money that our immigration “enforcement” agents spend every year. Remember this data is before the big increases in recent years. Also note the number of personnel specifically hired to patrol the borders and close every avenue of escape, I mean entry. These are very large increases in a very short period of time. And that is only at the federal level and doesn't include the massive expenditures by local cops who want to play G man.

Our nascent police state, in the form of the dictatorial and misnamed Department of Homeland Security, is well funded to attack immigrants, the Bill of Rights, and other examples of “terrorism”. These brownshirts are getting $40 billion for their budget next year. That is $2.2 billion than they flushed down the toilets this year.

They added $800 million for armed agents to track down dishwashers and gardeners committing the heinous crime of working without a permit from a politician. They allocated to the Immigration gestapo just under $5 billion dollars. There is $775 million to install cameras on the borders. And don’t forget the $50 million being used to force the states to implement the internal passport system known as Real ID which will crack down on those Americans who think they have a right to exist without state permission.

So what does this have to do with SmallGovTimes and why do I say they are hypocrites. Simply put this outfit is a bunch of paranoid lunatics who are whining about illusionary plots like the alleged “North American Union” while bitching that “our federal government has done almost nothing to rectify the situation” of immigrants getting in to work.

Almost nothing! Billions flushed down the toilets. Walls being built on the borders. Controls put on every company in America in regards to hiring people, forcing Real ID down the throats of every citizen, cameras along the borders, thousands of more “agents” scouring the borders and the country. Controls, regulations, rules, and billions and billions of the productive economy squandered to chase down dishwashers. And this conservative says this is “almost nothing”.

If this is “almost nothing” then how many more billions do they want? How many more armed federal agents do they want smashing down doors and raiding “chicken processing” plants? How many more walls? How many new rules and regulations are they demanding?

And they have the audacity to call themselves “small government” advocates. Sure they are --- much the way Mussolini was a small government advocate -- at least when compared to his friend Adolph.

This Birch Society inspired lunacy spends a great deal of time lamenting the alleged lack of “fighting” immigration while bitching about the phantom North America Union. And like good paranoid nutters they alleged the two are connected. Actually they are, both claims are bogus, but that is all they have in common. The government is doing a lot of fight dangerous Mexican yard workers and there is no NAU plot.

But our friends at Big Government Times, as they ought to be known, claim that the secret plotters are refusing to do anything about immigration because “the free flow of humans and money facilitates something known as ‘the North American Union’.”

Consider what this person is saying. He clearly is against the “free flow of humans and money”. How do you prevent people and their wealth from moving? The only way to do that is to impose massive amounts of control. That means massive government. That means government interfering with individual liberty over and over again. You can’t have “small government” while stopping the “free flow of humans and money”.

Yet this author calls himself a “conservative-libertarian”. That makes no sense to me. Hayek wrote that libertarianism is in the corner of a triangle. At equal and opposite distances are the two other corners, one occupied by socialists and the other by conservatives. There is no such thing as a “conservative-libertarian” anymore than we can have dry-water.

And what I find is that these so-called “conservative libertarians” are always conservatives first and libertarians last. There is barely a freedom that they wouldn’t sacrifice in the name of their conservative values. The author of this clap trap on immigration and secret plots claims he writes in support of “small government” and “open markets”. But does he?

There are three major components to open markets. One is the free flow of goods and services. Many conservatives do hold to this position. Not this author who whines about free trade agreements which actually bring about increased trade. But the other two aspects of an open market is the free flow of labor and of capital. In other words it is the “free flow of humans and money”. But that is the very thing he said he is against.

The free exchange of goods and services is merely one third of the “open market”. When you advocate that government control two-thirds of the market you are not advocating a free market but a state-controlled market. Now if you want to call that “conservative” go right ahead. Conservatives have always been lovers of state power and imposed order. But don’t call that “libertarian” and don’t pretend you are advocating “small government”. Embrace your inner fascist and admit that you hate freedom. Be honest with yourself and with others.

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