Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nation Health Service logic.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head in wonderment.

A recent report on the state of dental care under the United Kingdom’s socialized health care system indicates that reforms, meant to improve the lackluster service, have actually made things worse.

First, they saw a massive reduction in the number of patients who were seen by dentists. Patient levels fell by 900,000 in the 18 months after the service as implemented. And complex procedures like bridges, crowns and root canals dropped by 45%. So what happened? Apparently the level of extractions rose. So instead of fixing the problems teeth, which previously would have been repaired, were pulled out.

The committee of members of parliament concluded that patient care did not improve at all. The British Dental Association called it “damning” and said it “highlights the failure of a farcical contract that has alienated the profession and caused uncertainty to patients.”

But in its defense a Department of Health spokesman said: “We have invested over £200m in NHS dentistry this year, over and above increases in the last three years. This takes our total investment to over £2bn.”

Are you following this? The NHS “improves” its dental services and the result is 900,000 fewer patients being seen and teeth being pulled instead of repaired. But the NHS brags that they managed to spend a lot more money in the process!

Can you imagine any business, anywhere, claiming that a large reduction in their customer base is somehow offset by an increase in their costs?

Only in government.

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